<span class="title2">You Will Select a Decision</span> <span class="title3">Сделайте Свой Выбор</span> ''The great classic of Kyrgyz young adult interactive socialist literature'' <span class="title1 justify">[№1 - Small Child in Woods <span class="title5">Маленькая Девочка в Лесу</span>]<book1| [№2 - Cow Farming Activities on the Former West <span class="title5">Ковбои в Америке</span>]<book2|</span> <span class="title4">Other Books in This Series</span> <span class="justify">№3 - They, The Creatures From Outer Space! <span class="title5">Космические Существа!</span> №4 - A Treasure In An Old Building <span class="title5">Тайна Секретное Сокровище</span> №5 - Thieves on Boats <span class="title5">Пошлое Пиратов</span> №6 - It Is Very Good To Be The World Skateboard Champion <span class="title5">Любовь и Скейтбординг</span> №7 - Horsemanship <span class="title5">Искусство Верховой Езды</span></span> <span class="title4">About the Authors</span> <span class="justify">The ''anonymous team of Kyrgyz computer scientists'' was born between 1949 and 1968. Its interests include computer programming, databases, 5¼-inch floppy diskettes, and arrest by secret police for the crime of producing counter-revolutionary literature. ''Brendan Patrick Hennessy'' was born in 1986. His interests within the fiction of this work include being a ten-month-old baby. His interests outside of the fiction of this work include writing and interactive story design. As a further anachronism he has a [(text-style:"underline")[website]]<bhen|. (click: ?bhen)[(gotoURL:"http://bphennessy.com/")]</span>(click:?book1)[(gotoURL:"woods.html")](click:?book2)[(gotoURL:"west.html")](click:?start)[(goto:"1")](click:?bhen)[(gotoURL:"http://bphennessy.com/")](click:?twine)[(gotoURL:"http://twinery.org/")] <span class="copyright">© 1987-2015 [Brendan Patrick Hennessy]<bhen| Created with [Twine]<twine| [bphennessy.com]<bhen| · [twinery.org]<twine|</span>